Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine

What Is The Polyurethane Foam?

Polyurethane machine, polyurethane Spray Foam , homogeneous rigid foam which is formed by the combination of two separate raw materials called Polyol (B) Isocyanate (A). Requires high-tech machinery and equipment. These systems include polyurethane machinery, barrel transfer pumps, fluid carrier heated hoses, spray guns, air compressors, electric panels and transfer systems. With its continuous coating ability, it completely eliminates heat bridges, it swells up to 30-40 times its own volume within a few seconds and becomes polyurethane foam. Thanks to its very high insulation value, it is the best heat insulation material in the world. Polyurethane foam spraying application is quick and effortless. ATG Machine's “Evopur” brand provides thermal insulation coverage of 500 - 1500 m² per day.

Why Polyurethane Spray Foam?

Polyurethane machine, the top point reached in the world about heat and sound insulation, provides precise and clear solutions in the insulation sector. It is applied as liquid with high pressure by the polyurethane machines. It fills all cracks and pores on the surface up to the the smallest voids without air bubbles, supplies perfect protection shield. It is highly resistant to thinner, acid and petroleum derivatives. It does not let insects live in and its antibacterial feature provides maximum efficiency. Polyurethane foam application is faster and more efficient than any other insulation materials. It is easy to reach, simple to implement, and saves time.

Polyurethane foam;
- covers the surface in one piece.
- no extra glueing or firing operations are required.
- does not create a heat bridge.
- is easily applied in hard-to-reach areas.
- is easily applied on vertical, horizontal and reverse surfaces.

Easy Shipping And Application

Spray Polyurethane and Polyurea are delivered in a special mobile vehicle without additional shipping costs. It is applied as spraying in form of polyurethane foam or polyurea to the surface with special spray gun under high pressure by Polyurethane machine & Polyurea Machine with 2 component liquid systems and 60-90 meter heated transported by the mobile insulation vehicle.

Polyurethane Foam Application Areas

Spray Polyurethane Foam can be used anywhere from base to the roof, as well as in different areas of insulation in all kinds buildings. All kinds of wall and roof insulation, marine vehicles insulation, animal housing insulation, cold air storage insulation, pipeline insulation, tank-silo insulation etc. Application areas are increasing day by day.

How And Where Can The Raw Material Is Provided?

There are many manufacturers and vendors in polyurethane raw materials in Turkey and the world. But the most important is the choice of an experienced company to ensure that you use the right product in the right application. Polyurethane Market in Turkey, it is constantly possible to provide the desired product by FLY Chem which is another brand of ATG technology. Through our contracted shipping companies, we deliver your whole products up to your door.

Have A Raw Material Problem In The Market?

In the world and Turkey, polyurethane systems are everywhere in our lives. For example, in our home refrigerator, chair sponges, the steering wheel of our car, the heat insulation plates used in the construction industry, etc ... There are thousands of examples here, we call these POLYURETHANE FAMILY. Spray polyurethane is just one of the branches of this tree. So, polyurethane is almost everywhere in our lives.

Polyurethane started to be used in 1950's and now it is produced with the latest technology at full speed. According to researches made from past to present, no harmful finding was found on health. Immediately after the application of the polyurethane spray foam is finished, the preparation is ready to use and has completely odorless antibacterial properties.

Today, mobile spraying systems are used in Turkey and the world. In order to make this system mobile, first of all machine equipments should be fixed in a vehicle such as a minibus, truckvan etc. and should have a capacity above 12 m³. In Turkey, for all our valued customers, ATG INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY INC. performs a first in polyurethane spraying application by offering an active 40-hour training program both theoretical and practical with the staff expert on marketing and sales. Also, this training is included in the price.

Poliüretan & polyurea makinası

Polyurethane Spray Foam Machines

ATG & Evopur

Evopur polyurethane and polyurea machines offer reliability and performance to their customers with innovative engineering and durable materials, drawing attention with their state-of-the-art design and production processes.


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