Polyurea Machine

What Is Polyurea?

Polyurea is a mixture of two components mixture Isocyanate (A) and Polyol (B) and a high performance elastomeric new generation coating and insulation system applied by spraying method with high pressure Polyurea Machines which, with fast drying and 400% flexibility in unlimited application areas. At the beginning of the 2000s, Polyureas started to be used as a dual-component coating system, which can be applied by using portable and commercially available equipment. With today's formulations and applications, we can transform polyurea raw materials into product and service in a matter of seconds. Nowadays, Polyurea's many different applications are successfully accomplished with ATG / EVOPUR High Pressure Spray Machines. The expected performance from these machines is that they can spray (A) - (B) components at pressures of 150-180 bar and upto the temperatures of 70-80 degrees. Polyurea waterproofing systems provide positive solutions in old and new structures where high impact, abrasion and 100% water insulation are required in indoor and outdoor areas.

It is a perfect performance product in its application fields thanks to its fast, extraordinary, high flexing ability, superior physical and chemical resistance. It protects the surface from water leakage, rust and corrosion effects. The Polyurea Spray allows UV resistant durable finish flooring options. Polyurea Waterproofing systems can be rapidly applied by conventional spraying method, compared to conventional waterproofing and floor covering systems, with high flexibility (%250- 400), precise solution in crack covering and dilatation areas, very fast curing (5-10 seconds ) and application areas can be used in as short as 15-20 minutes.

Polyurea coating systems provide 100% waterproofing and floor covering ; from terraces to basements, from parking lots to airfields, from pools to water tanks, from asphalt-covered floors to ceramic floors, from tribunes to bridges, from any outdoors to indoors.

How To Apply Polyurea?

Polyurea spray applications are carried out by experienced staff with high pressure ATG / EVOPUR Polyurea Machines. Surface preparation must be done before application. These preparations; floor cleaning, repair mortars, ground sanding, application of floor lining etc. On the prepared surface, specific temperature and pressure settings of the polyurea machines are made taking into account the application and surface conditions. After the necessary adjustments are made, the material starts to be sprayed according to the desired thickness. The liquid sprayed polyurea provides 100% continuous adhesion to the surface. No additional glue is needed to glue it. Polyurea will be finished by spraying on the floors according to the desired thickness.

In a short time like 5-10 seconds, Polyurea reacts and starts to cure. 1 minute after during the application, you can easily walk on it and the area can be used in 15-20 minutes. After application of Polyurea spraying, if an additional treatment is to be carried out, it is expected that the material will be fully ready for 24 hours and the reaction in it will be completely finished.

Characteristics Of Polyurea Application

- Very fast reaction
- One-piece coating,
- %400 flexibility,
- %100 firm, solvent free, VOC (volatile organic component) free, odorless, UV resistant.
- Resistant to many kinds of solvents, acids, thinners and petroleum products.
- Excellent protection against corrosion, low permeability, saltwater and also resistant to any weather conditions.
- Resistant to high impact and abrasion.
- Flexible at very low temperatures and resistant to very hot environments.
- Excellent tensile and structural strength, as well as high elasticity at break.
- Excellent adhesion to many surfaces; concrete, steel, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, wood, foam.
- Fast usability.

Polyurea Usage Areas

- Roof, terrace and balcony waterproofing.
- Wet floor insulation such as kitchen, bathroom, toilet.
- Waterproofing of basements and concrete walls.
- Coating of prefabricated structures.
- Coating of metal surfaces to protect against corrosion.
- Parking lot and floor covering.
- Vehicle cranes
- Animal shelters floor coatings.
- Floor coating of food production facilities and cold air stores.
- Tank, silo and pipe coatings.
- Waterproofing of water parks, ornamental pools and swimming pools.
- Irrigation channels, water reservoirs.
- Bridges and platforms.
- Stadiums, schools and gyms, walking paths.

Every feature in our Polyurethane and Polyurea Machine systems is strategically designed to help you with innovations that will make it easier to run your operations in a perfect way. Even if you use them at maximum flows Spray Polyurethane Foam and Polyurea Machine systems designed by ATG TECHNOLOGY gives you the reliability you expect in the field of work by producing better quality products with adjustable digital temperature control. Variable hydraulic control system offers great ease of setting pressure for maneuvering and quality applications according to work area.

- Easy service maintenance
- Provides better team management.
- Has set points for better efficiency.
- Minimizes faults with advanced cardless automation system
- Adjustable variable pressure for all types of spraying options.
- Easy to use fluid section reduces maintenance requirements and increases productivity.
- The pressure relief valves allow you to quickly and easily balance system pressures.
- It is the best choice and a precise solution for those looking for an easy to use and maintenance and also economical machine.

Polyurea Machine

Polyurea Machines

ATG & Evopur

Evopur polyurethane and polyurea machines offer reliability and performance to their customers with innovative engineering and durable materials, drawing attention with their state-of-the-art design and production processes.


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